Motor Drives

Variable Speed Drives

This extensive range of high quality M series variable speed drives is both user friendly and powerfull. The product range extends across ratings encompasing 0.25kW up to 2,800kW with a huge range of powerfull options and operating features allowing users to get the most from their electric motor driven equipment. The design logic is simple and easy to use making installation, set up, running optimisation and fault anaylsis easy to understand.

Technical Specification
M100 - Simplicity in control
0.25 - 7.5kW 230V & 415V
Our most basic easy to use drive, even though it runs on the same technology as our more complex drives, the M100 is ideal for basic motor control, less all the more advanced functionality, providing a perfect stand alone drive for simple applications
M200 - Flexible connectivity
0.25 - 132kW 230V / 415V / 690V
In addition to the basic functionality of the M100 series the M200 drive gives you the freedom to connect with many of the common fieldbuses using the modular SI interface port allowing communication via Ethercat, Ethernet, PRoFINET, PROFIBUS, CANopen and DeviceNet. The AI485 adaptor can also connect to RS485 networks using Modbus RTU
M300 - Flexible connectivity with integrated safety on board
0.25 - 132kW 230V / 415V / 690V
All the features of the M200 series with a dual Safe Torque Off (STO) input. When it come to safety, failure is unacceptable. When a machine trips the STO stops the motor from producing torque preventing accidental startup A simple solution to a serious problem.
M400 - Fast Set-up, diagnostics, real text display, STO and integrated PLC
0.25 - 110kW 230V / 415V / 690V
The M400 cuts downtime with an intuitive LCD keypad with real-text, multi-language display for rapid set-up and clear diagnostic help. The integrated PLC can execute a substantial range of sequencing and logic programs. Coupled with an impressive I/O count complete with 2 STO inputs and an SI interface for a fieldbus option or extended I/O, this feature set ensures M400's flexible integration with any system.
M600 - High Performance drive for induction & sensorless permanent magnet motors
0.75 - 2.8MW 230V / 415V / 690V
The M600 is the perfect choice for applications that require high performance open-loop control of induction or permanent magnet motors. SI-Encoder / SI-Universal Encoder option modules are available for applications that require more precise closed loop velocity and digital lock / frequency following of induction motors.
M700 - Class leading performance with onboard real-time Ethernet
0.75 - 2.8MW 230V / 415V / 690V
The M700 provides ultimate high performance Induction and Servo motor control with powerfull control features and enhanced flexibility in order to satisfy the requirements of machine builders as well as for high specification industrial and hoisting applications.