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Nema 56 Rolled Frame

NEMA 56C YSN 3 phase and YSYN 1 phase
EMT OMEC has supplied NEMA 56C framed motors for many years. This range although dimensionally replaced by modern IEC60034 dimensioned motors is still common place within the Australian Market as these motors enter our market installed on equipment manufactured in America and Canada which still use Imperial dimensioned products. The EMT NEMA framed motor is designed to have Australian standard 50Hz voltage ratings.

Key product features are:
  • Rolled steel frame construction Standard with NEMA 56 Feet and C type flange
  • TEFC IP55 Enclosures with side mounted Terminal box with stud type terminations
  • All three phase variants are VSD compatible
  • The 210V single phase motors also have a top mounted capacitor with steel cover
Standard Stock Motors in this NEMA 56C Range
Single Phase CS/CRPart CodesDescriptionBuy
YCYN566-2D-1C(S1.1D2/NEMAC)1.1kW 2P 240V 50HzClick
YCYN566-4D-1C(S.75D4/NEMAC)0.75 kW 4P 240V 50HzClick
YCYN569-4D-1C(S1.5D4/NEMAC)1.5 kW 4P 240V 50HzClick

Three PhasePart CodesDescriptionBuy
YSN564-2G-1B(T1.1D2/NEMAC)1.1kW 2P 415V 50HzClick
YSN564-4G-1B(T.75D4/NEMAC)0.75 kW 4P 415V 50HzClick
YSN566-4G-1B(T1.5D4/NEMAC)1.5 kW 4P 415V 50HzClick
Key Dimensions
Shaft 5/8" = 15,87mm
Key 4,76 x 4,76mm

Overall Lengths "L"

Single Phase
S1.1D2 = 317mm
S.75D4 = 305mm
S1.5D4 = 342mm

Three Phase
T1.1D2 = 278mm
T.75D4 = 278mm
T1.5D4 = 290mm
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