Motor Drives

Soft Starters

Our Digistart CS and IS series soft starter range of drives is ideal for motor control and protection in constant speed applications. The Digistart range combines advanced control features with simple installation and commissioning. Digistart forms an integral part of our comprehensive drives and motor product range selected to cover all of your motor and motor control needs, across a wide range of industries and applications

Technical Specification
Digistart CS - Simple no fuss control
7.5 - 110KW 18-200A
Digistart CS is a compact soft starter for motors up to 110kW (200A). The Digistart CS offers comprehensive motor protection features and is Commissioned using simple rotary switches allowing you to get your system up and running quickly. The built in bypass contactor eliminates heat dissipation and energy losses. In addition to the space saving built-in bypass contactor, the Digistart CS allows the control voltage to be taken directly from the mains power. This means there is no need for an external power supply, thus reducing your costs and cubicle space.
Digistart IS - An advanced inteligent soft starter for industry
Larger to 1600A on application
7.5 - 257KW 23-500A
Digistart IS is an intelligent soft starter offering many advanced features for motors up to 800kW (1600A) using an intuitive plain language display to simplify set up configuration. Digistart IS provides industry leading motor control, featuring constant current, current ramp and adaptive control start methods. Adaptive control provides an unprecedented level of control that not only controls motor current but also acceleration. It allows the user to select between early, constant or late acceleration/deceleration depending upon the application requirements. Adaptive control then monitors motor performance by analysing each start and adjusting accordingly to maintain optimum control.